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Can you only send within Australia?
Yes at this stage. Please e-mail us if you are from another country and would like to order.

How are you able to make your lecterns for sale in Australia?
Yes it is expensive to make things in Australia but for this type of product there are advantages too. We are able to make them in Australia by:
1 Specialising in rostrums and pulpits. We have 11 years experience making lecterns and pulpits for preachers and speakers.
2 Using high tech processes that Australia does well, for example laser cutting and computer controlled machining. These machines and processes are very common and cost effective in Australia, but not so common in low cost countries, since the machines often cost between AUD 200,000 - 1 million dollars. In a low labour cost country, it is more common to have people cutting metal by hand, whereas in Australia, laser cutting is more common. The advantage of these computer processes like laser cutting and other computer controlled machinery to make our lecterns for sale (click for more info on laser cutting) is that using them means we get a very crisp and tidy finish to our products.
3 We make our own machines for specific processes. This improves precision and makes them more efficient to make.
4 We spend a lot of time on design and engineering, getting the lectern design right. This makes them a lot more efficient to produce.
5 Quality is easy to control because we make them here. We get very few defects because we are making most of the parts ourselves and monitoring the rest.
6 A lectern for sale (or table) from us, is made by us and sold directly to you. Typically a product coming from a cheap labour country overseas might be made for $100, then there is shipping and duties bringing it up to $150. A distributor adds a 20% mark up, and finally the retailer marks it up by 100%. This means you pay $360, but are only getting $100 worth of manufacturing for that.
7 China is becoming more expensive. Costs have doubled there over the last 6 years. More companies are bringing their products home for production. Companies making their product at home can make improvements more quickly, control the quality more easily, operate 'just in time' production, reduce freight costs and often use high tech processes more easily. All this results in savings and a better product! We expect basic large volume products to be continued to be made there, but more specialised and niche products like lecterns and rostrums to be made increasingly back home near the base of the company.

What advantages are there of buying a lectern for sale made in Australia?
1. We use them, our friends and churches use them, so we are held accountable. Our friends and customers will tell us if a lectern does not perform as it should!
2. Australia has tight regulations. This means that:
- workers are well treated and well paid
- the environment is treated well
- parts like tops are available immediately if you break something
- any problems can be fixed quickly and directly by us

How do you send my order?
We send orders using a courier company called 'Couriers Please'. They are very reliable and also reasonably priced, so we can offer the freight for free.

Will I need to assemble the lectern and/or table?
Yes. It is much safer for them to be transported flat-pack. Otherwise they may be damaged during transport. Also it takes up less space, so freight is cheaper. We include the 2 tools you will need. Instructions are included in the package. Assembly is quick, in most cases less than 5 minutes.

What happens if the package does not show up?
Please check your junk mail folder to check that our e-mail to you has not been lost.
Please track the package. Please call the telephone number on your tracking for Couriers Please 1300 36 1000 and let them know your tracking number. Your phone call will transfer to your nearest Couriers Please office (more effective than us calling them). Please do not change the delivery address as this causes problems.

What happens if my lectern or table is damaged?
We have specially designed boxes and we send lecterns and tables every day, so we do not expect parts to be damaged. In the unlikely event that this does happen, please e-mail us with photos of the damaged parts. It is much easier for us to solve problems if you e-mail us a photo. We will replace any parts damaged in transport. We are keen for you to be happy with your purchase!

Is there a warranty?
Yes, for 12 months. This excludes accidents/misuse. The top will break if you treat it badly, so please be careful with it. The top is in danger if you are transporting the lectern in a car or truck. We find that putting the lectern across the back seat of a car is best. You can use the seatbelt for added safety.
Be artful when putting the lectern through the car door as the top is vulnerable then. In fact, please be careful when carrying the lectern through any doorway as it is easy to knock the lectern on the door frame by mistake.

How should I carry my lectern?
You can carry it by lifting it from the top or by lifting it by the stem. Either is fine.

How should I care for my lectern and/or table?

You can buy isopropyl alcohol from a chemist or pharmacy (this is normally used to clean wounds in hospitals.) Use it with a cotton cloth (not paper towels or tissues as they will scratch).

Base and stem:
We use a brushed finish, so that it will not show fingerprints badly. Still, over time you may get marks on the stem and base.

In most cases, these can be removed by rubbing them with your finger. Your skin contains oil, so this is very effective. One of the advantages of stainless steel is that there is no paint to scratch or damage! Also stainless steel is harder then most things, so it will be durable.

Any bad scratches can be removed by using a green 3M scotch brite pad from the supermarket. This needs to be done very carefully. Be sure to rub in the direction of the grain (DO NOT rub up and down the stem for example!).

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