Lectern and Table

L1 and L1 Table Purchased Together - $795

Save $55.00 by ordering the lectern and table together.

The table is the choice companion to the lectern. Great as a place to put a glass of water or books when a speaker is using the lectern.

With all the benefits of the single stem and minimalist look, this lectern and table combination look elegant in any setting.

Both stems and bases are made from high quality stainless steel; 304 grade. This is the same kind of stainless steel that is widely used in high quality kitchen sinks. The advantage of this is that there is no paint to scratch off, so it will endure years of lectures, speeches and sermons very well!

The tops are clear scratch resistant plastic.

Both the lectern and table are lightweight, being very easy to pick up and move around.

We make our products in Australia. Because of this, we can take advantage of high end technology and skilled technicians. We use laser cutting and other computer controlled machinery to cut and make our parts. Plus, you are supporting local manufacturing jobs.

Both the lectern and table are easy to assemble. We don't expect a preacher or orator to be skilled with tools, that is our job. The stems comes as one part, so all you have to do is screw on the square bases and the tops. The stems are made using special machinery that we have built ourselves for this purpose. This makes the stem strong and durable.

We are in contact with lecturers and speakers who use our rostrums, so we get immediate feedback. The church preachers as well as mainstream teachers and speakers who use our pulpits, give us suggestions and comments to help us improve them.

L1 Lectern and Table ordered together --------------- $795 (includes GST)

Freight within Australia ------ Free

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