Lecterns Australian

Lecterns Australian Design

The L1 is an Australian design.

The Milan furniture fair award winning designer Stephen Procter (Milan Salone 2007 Design Report Award) has designed many products for other companies, but is somewhat of a pulpit specialist.

The process is involved. Many prototypes are made (10 - 30 pulpit prototypes for a single design is common). This allows experimentation with many variations in geometry and materials to find the best result.

The advantage of the lecterns being an Australian design, is that they are optimised for local users. We are able to have local speakers and preachers try them out and provide suggestions.

The lecterns australian design is done by using CAD (Computer Aided Design) and by making prototypes. The prototype stage is especially important. It involves checking for durability and fit and finish, which is impossible to see on a computer. Materials often respond differently in reality than in the theoretical world of a computer.

It is not simply a process of design and then making. The process involves designing, then making, then designing again, then making again and on and on it goes until we get an optimal result. It is not unusual for 9 or 10 variations of a single part to be made to find the best result.

For L1, the design was about optimising for cost and weight.

As a result, this rostrum is the best it can be, optimised for Australian manufacture (skilled labour and high tech, high precision machinery) and optimised for geometry and weight.

See our sister company www.procson.com.au for other lectern designs.

lecterns Australian design